Start from scratch



 The New Stars of Music c

We Music Harder c

Brought to you by a Grant from The Webhatten Project 

  Greetings, you are about to enter the Future of New Music, where ANYONE anywhere can get their Musical Talent in front of Millions of Potential New Fans               For no cost.                 Not now,                     Not Ever 




         And if you are just a Fan of New Music, like the rest of us,


           will be able to enjoy your favorite type of new Music

 for NO Cost...........No Ads............No personal Information...Not Now...Not Ever !

The Last Great Listening Party !


  Before you go to the "Craigslist" of New Music, we must mention this.

   The Webhatten Project, along with our homemade Super Computer,

                   built the "Perfect Mouse Trap" for New Music.

                                                  One Problem

                           A beautiful  Store with empty shelf's 

              So we came up with "The Last Great Listening Party" 

                                         to fill our initial inventory

So, Media outlets, be the Hero  in your Market place by letting your

      Listeners, Viewers know that THEY now have an opportunity

                to have their Music Heard by countless potential 

                                                    New Fans

                      For No Cost...........Not Now.........Not Ever !

                                          Thank You  and Be Safe


                            Due to a situation with covid 19

                We have been postponed until further notice